cancellation policy

NAVMAR operates a dynamic cancellation policy across all of its hotels. This means that we can load the various cancellation restrictions that are stipulated by the hotels in their contracts with NAVMAR. In situations where the reservation is cancelled within the cancellation deadline, NAVMAR will be sent an invoice by the hotel. We must ensure that any charges are passed onto our customers/agents, otherwise NAVMAR will be making a loss!

The standard cancellation policy that is loaded for the large majority of our hotels is a one night charge, which is applicable 48 hours before the arrival date of the booking. In some cases, during fair periods for example, the hotel may stipulate a much stricter cancellation policy that applies many weeks before the arrival date of the booking. In these situations, the cancellation policy start date may be before the date when the booking is made. This means that the cancellation policy already applies to the booking as soon as it is submitted to NAVMAR.